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About us

A Healthier Way to Get A Good Nights Sleep

The story of Sambrosa began in a small town in the Netherlands. A Homeopathist, with a pharmaceutical background, started seeing a trend in her practice that people were having trouble sleeping due to allergies. The idea was to create a product that offered a healthier alternative for allergy relief to what was on the market but still deliver the same benefits of a good nights sleep. The formulation she developed is the same product we still use today. We start with real honey and organic herbs combined with the active ingredient doxylamine to deliver a healthier alternative to sweet dreams.

With very little marketing behind us, majority being word of mouth, we grew in the Netherlands to become a household name. The word spread and we were soon all over Europe, Dubai, Australia and Canada. Soon after our international success, a passionate entrepreneur and Sambrosa user stepped in an purchased the company. In September 2013, under new guidance we set out to continue our international expansion and officially launched Sambrosa Care. We have now launched in the United States and can say we are "Proudly Made In The USA". From the beginning we set out to make a quality product without compromise and deliver A Healthier Way To Get A Good Nights Sleep.